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Finding Traction: Get Unstuck and Back to High Growth

Tactics to help you get back into high growth; where things feel exciting and fresh again.

Three Truths About Being Stuck

We get stagnant, complacent, and we lose that spark – is there a way out?

The Technical Interview Failure

Imagine you are in a boring meeting and one of your coworkers suddenly yells, “I really don’t care!”

How Getting LESS Feedback Can Help Your Career

It is well established that getting feedback can help your career advance.You’ve seen articles like, “5 ways feedback can boost your career” and “Top questions to get better feedback!”

The Sports Bar Confusion

This funny story reminded me of how our enthusiasm for certain technology solutions can cloud how we hear our customers.

Three Essential Truths to get the Most out of Conferences

Finally it is here, that conference you’ve been looking forward to for months. You’re excited to learn and stay connected with the latest and greatest thinking in your field.

Too Soon

Change is difficult – even the simplest difference in a process or how a system works can result in challenges.

Negotiation: Getting to Yes

“How does an old book on negotiation help advance my technical career?” Believe it or not, you negotiate every day with customers, coworkers, and management.

Write it Down

One of the most common mistakes I see among technology professionals is the failure to write down the tasks they commit to complete.

Emotional Intelligence for Technologists

In the early 2000’s, I ran across a book called Primal Leadership by Daniel Goleman, Annie McKee, and Richard Boyatzis. I was a new technology manager at a large bank, and I was hungry to learn more about how to become a more effective leader.

The Status Report Blues

It’s uncanny how many managers, particularly inexperienced ones, ask their staff to complete a status report on a regular basis.

You Don’t Have to Know Everything

There’s a common misconception among technology professionals that to be effective, you have to know everything.


“The entire Internet is down”  the CFO’s admin assistant tells you as you walk past his office. You stop and turn towards him. “The entire Internet? What’s wrong?”

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