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Remote Work: Is Anybody Watching?

How to keep your career on track while working remotely. Out of all the challenges of working remotely – working from home, a coffee shop, or other location – one of the biggest is how do you show your work? Are your results ‘seen’ or ‘unseen?’  If you work in a support role, you likely have results that are ‘seen.’ ...more

How I Slowed Down Time with One Weird Experiment

“It’s only 9:30?” I said to my wife after a morning full of conversation, reading, and sipping coffee. “Yes, it is weird, isn’t it,” she replied. The oddities persisted all day – at 1:30, it felt like the sun should be going down shortly. And at 5 pm, it felt like it was more like 8 pm. It was like ...more

Three Keys to Giving Effective Presentations

All technologists need presentation skills, whether you’re presenting to one person or to many. As such, here are three tips that I’ve found particularly useful that can help you get your message across. What is the cognitive effect I want my audience to experience? Often times, we forget the audience when we’re developing our presentations. It is easy to focus ...more

Why Being Helpful Can Be Such A Challenge

When you come across someone who is truly helpful to everyone around them, regardless of their level or status, you know you have found someone special. I’ve been privileged to work with several people like this, and this trait makes a huge difference in their effectiveness. I’ve worked hard to mimic these stellar people, and it is tough to do ...more

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