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Fear and the Art of Redirection

Learn to Conquer Redirect Your Fears for the Biggest Breakthroughs Were you awkward in eighth grade? I certainly was. It’s no surprise to anyone that knows me that being a dork was my everyday experience. On my face hung big thick-framed nerdy glasses, which were not in style. And I was skinny. Six feet tall, yet only a hundred and ...more

Get Unstuck: A Bias Toward Action

Who are the most productive people you know? Think about their day-to-day actions. Are they prone to getting stuck? Or do they simply crank out work consistently and make it look easy? You can learn from these productivity wizards by adopting the mindset they all have. It’s called, “A Bias Toward Action.” They think, “If I’m in doubt, I’m going ...more

Slowing Down to Speed Up

How Being Busy Hurts Your Progress “How are you doing?”“Busy – really busy!”  Have you had a conversation like this recently?  We go from being ridiculously busy during the holidays – to being super busy at the start of the New Year. We’ve got new resolutions, personal goals, and new work objectives and targets to hit. It’s easy to get ...more

How to Assess Your Value

This week I had an interesting conversation about value. The person I was coaching said, “I didn’t really do anything yesterday – I was a real piece of s**t.” And something really important clicked for me. There’s a huge difference between your economic value (what you output and give to society) and your inherent value as a human being. I ...more

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