Working in Technology is Tough

The pace of change in Information Technology is staggering – it is tough to keep up!

In the continual drive to upgrade our skills, fear of becoming irrelevant drives us to improve: which is great for us. We improve our skills to be able to support the latest and greatest technology and the anxiety subsides – for a time.

But it is NOT just technical skills that guarantee our success: we need to intentionally upgrade our soft skills (which are now ESSENTIAL SKILLS) – not just wait to get better.

I have seen the magic of intentionally developing my ESSENTIAL skills and it has enabled me to consistently level up my career over and over.

And you can do it too!

The Essential Skills You Need

This course isn’t the typical soft skill training you might be thinking of: be a better communicator, how to write more clearly, or upgrade your customer service skills. These things ARE needed, but I’ve gone deeper than that.


I’ve developed a framework that guides your personal ESSENTIAL SKILL program. I’ll help you build on a foundation of empathy and mastery. It helps you assess your current essential skill progress and acts as a compass to point you to the areas that will have the most impact for you.

The Philosophy

You will learn to:

  • assess your current ESSENTIALS skill level
  • gain autonomy and independence in your work
  • use empathy daily (It’s really not as difficult as it sounds!)
  • communicate your value to others (and get that promotion)
  • get your ideas accepted and championed!

Level up your career;

100% Guaranteed: If You're Not Satisfied for ANY REASON, I'll Refund Your Money, No Questions Asked.