Accelerate Your Team’s ESSENTIAL Skills

Interactive On-Site Team Workshops:

  • Solidify Key Concepts
  • Shared Learning Experience: Learning from Their Peers
  • Direct Application to Your Team’s Environment
  • Discover and Address Your Team’s Most Pressing Issues

All workshops include individual access to the ESSENTIALS course, which will build upon the workshop content.

Combined, the workshop and the course solidify the learning, so it gets integrated into their day-to-day work.

Option 1: Single Workshop

Immediate Impact

One-Day Workshop with your Entire Team Covers:

        • Foundational Concepts: The EMT Model
        • Lessons in Mastery and Empathy

Option 2: Quarterly Workshops

Massive Transformation

Four workshops, delivered quarterly that build on the concepts:

        • The first workshop introduces the concepts and works through the EMT model
        • Subsequent workshops customized for your team – boosting your team’s strengths and minimizing the impact of their challenges.

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